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White Pearl Snake Skin
Opt Armor Case gives you... total protection, exquisite styling and unsurpassed functionality!


Patented Corner Protection 

Opt's renown corner protection guard the iPhone 4 from damage caused by dropping and accidental bumping.


Patented Screen Clean Feature 

Opt uses the best microfiber lining so users can use the inside of the front cover to wipe fingerprint smudges from the screen.


Specially Engineered Camera Opening

Opt specially engineered camera opening on the armor case so you can take perfect flashed pictures even in very dark surrounding.


Antenna Shielding

Opt Armor Case is deigned specifically to guard against user accidental touching of the antennas for the best voice call quality.


Precision Production

Opt Armor Case is precision designed and produced down to 0.2mm tolerance,giving you the most perfect-fit, ever, in a phone case.


View Stand Function

Opt patented design using the rigid front cover to work as a view stand for watching video or making facetime calls.


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