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No matter how you use your iPad, Opt Armor Case can enhance your experience!



Strong Protection

Famous Opt patented Corner Protectors, and hard back and top covers, protection every side from scrapes and bumps, keeps your iPad looking brand new!




Unhindered Usage 

Opt patented "Removable Top Cover" gives you unhindered web surfing, email, magazine & book reading or game playing, while the back cover still protects your iPad from scrapes and bumps!








Thin and Lightweight

Ultra-thin, form fitting design, Opt Armor Case adds almost no bulk and weight, you will feel like you are holding just the iPad in your hands!



View Stand function

Reverse insert the removable top cover into the back cover can instantly transforms the Opt Armor Case into a free adjusting view stand.



Typing Stand Function

Placing the removable top under the iPad can instantly produce a 10 ~ 12 degree tilt for easier typing!



Free Screen Cleaning Glove

Every Opt Armor Case comes with a free microfiber glove for keeping your iPad's gorgeous IPS display free of finger smudges!


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